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There are a lot of reasons to spend time outdoors. When the weekend arrives or you have some spare time, you’d rather go out to enjoy or get some tasks done. San Rafael Estates is giving you and your loved ones a valid reason to be excited about staying indoors. You’ll be given an exclusive use of this residential development’s amenities anytime you please. With these benefits readily available, your idea of spending time at home will be revolutionized.

Beating the summer heat has never been easier when your home is in San Rafael Estates. You don’t need to spend large sums of money or use up a huge chunk of your time in the process. There’s a swimming pool you can use here any time you want. If you want, you can invite your friends and family over to make your experience with this pool more fun.

The Philippines is such a basketball-crazy nation and San Rafael Estates is a good representation of that passion. A basketball court is present within the premises of this residential development to fuel your love for the game. Just bring your friends over for a game and your weekend will be more exciting. You no longer need to rent a facility because this court is always there for you.

Filipinos love to celebrate special occasions. Whether it’s a birthday, a graduation, or a wedding, you can be sure there’s always a reason to hold a party at any season of the year. Rather than go far from home to be with your friends and loved ones, you can hold your celebration right inside San Rafael Estates. You’ll be afforded with the use of a clubhouse to be your party’s venue. Gather your guests in this place without any worries because this amenity can be the venue for so many great memories.

Your kids are such an essential part of your life. They need a space of their own to be themselves without any pretenses. San Rafael Estates is providing you the use of a playground to give your kids the good time they deserve. You’ll find safe and fun play equipment here for any child’s enjoyment. Plus, there’ll be no incoming traffic or strangers lurking around to disturb your children’s play time.

Finding a reason to escape from stress isn’t impossible when you live in San Rafael Estates. You can head on over to this residential development’s gazebo and central park at any hour of the day to relax. You can bring a book along or the company of a loved one in these amenities. Let the hours pass by and you’ll surely be at peace during your time here.

Your days at home have a chance to go the next level. Take a look at what kind of amenities are present inside San Rafael Estates and you’ll see why you should invest in a property here. Its amenities are top-class so you can have more reasons to stay home whenever you can.

  • Clubhouse
  • Swimming pool
  • Basketball court
  • Children’s playground
  • Gazebo
  • Central park
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